Diving into New Dimensions

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What is it ?

"The 4D Coin is more than a cryptocurrency. It's a bridge between realities, a universe where imagination meets technology. Our platform was created with the vision of uniting existing realities with a digitally enriched world, allowing users to explore, create, and interact in a new spectrum of experiences." 

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"Our purpose is to transform the way people interact and perceive the world around them. With 4D Coin, we empower users to shape their own realities, using personalized NFTs and cutting-edge technologies to create an environment where creativity is limitless." 



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Create and Explore Customized NFTs: 

Transform real-world objects into unique NFTs and dive into a digital universe filled with creativity. Explore the creation of customized NFTs and expand your possibilities for interaction and commerce within the 4D Coin's new world. 

Integration of Existing Realities: 

Discover a new level of digital experience with augmented reality technologies. Connect with different realities by merging the physical and digital worlds through specialized devices, enabling innovative and immersive interactions. 

Transparent Token Economy: 

Engage in a transparent and efficient token economy. Understand how the strategic distribution of 4D Coin tokens drives development, value exchange, and reward opportunities within the 4D Coin ecosystem. 


Creation of NFTs:

At 4D Coin, we offer users the unique ability to turn real-world objects into customized NFTs. With our intuitive user interface, the steps to create an NFT are straightforward:

Capture: Use your mobile device to capture and scan the desired object.

Redesign: Utilize our technology to reimagine and transform the captured object into a unique NFT.

Interact: Once created, you can interact and share your customized NFT with the 4D community, exploring new possibilities of interaction, sale, rental, and usage.

Integration of Realities:

At 4D Coin, we employ augmented reality technologies and specialized devices to merge different realities. Our platform enables seamless integration between the physical and digital worlds:

AR Technology: With augmented reality, users can view and interact with their NFTs in real-world environments through their mobile devices and our exclusive Oculus devices.

Specialized Devices: We support dedicated devices that enhance the experience, allowing users to dive even deeper into interactions between realities.

Token Economy:

The distribution of 4D Coin tokens is carefully planned to drive the growth and sustainability of the platform:

Transparent Distribution: We detail the distribution of tokens, reserving a percentage for development, marketing, team, and other key aspects of the project.

Token Use: 4D Coin tokens can be purchased and used for interactions within the platform, including transactions in the market and even integration with other cryptocurrencies.

The token economy at 4D Coin is structured to offer value to users and enhance the experience within our innovative mixed-reality ecosystem.


CONTRACT TOKEN:  0x4e7Ef0077a1Bc31FD9BcadD6CA149Dea9C3faeDb 


The 4D Coin Marketplace is a dynamic and interactive space where users can explore, buy, sell, and trade NFTs created by themselves or by other community members. We offer an intuitive and secure platform to facilitate transactions of unique NFTs, expanding the possibilities of interaction and commerce in the new digital world.

Token Exchange:

At 4D Coin, we offer a convenient option for token holders to exchange 4D Coins for other cryptocurrencies or local currencies. Users can access our exchange system to diversify their portfolios or convert 4D Coins into other forms of crypto-assets.

CONTRACT TOKEN:  0x4e7Ef0077a1Bc31FD9BcadD6CA149Dea9C3faeDb 



Reinaldo Pereira

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

• Developed his career in the financial market, working as a private accounts manager for 14 years in renowned institutions such as BBVA, Amnro Bank, among others.

• Led franchises of Tutores Reforço Escolar and Smartz School within the Wizard group.

• Currently resides with his family in Connecticut, USA.

• Has been active in the stock market and futures indices since 2021, specializing in Nasdaq Futures.

• CEO and in charge of the expansion of the 4DCoin project.

• Software development and startup creation. 


Cleber Monteiro

As CEO, I'm dedicated to excellence and innovation across various sectors, embodying roles as an investor, programmer, entrepreneur, and blockchain expert. I possess a strategic vision in investment, driven by detailed analysis and a deep understanding of market dynamics, aiming for sustainable growth and maximized returns.

My programming skills translate complex ideas into practical solutions, fostering innovation and operational efficiency. Leading with an entrepreneurial mindset, I prioritize partnerships and cohesive teams for success.

My deep understanding of blockchain allows seamless integration for decentralized, secure, and transparent operations. This multifaceted approach drives our company's growth and technological innovation, adapting to market demands for continued success. 


Anderson Aquino

"Innovative entrepreneur and team leader with extensive experience in developing and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) strategies. I am passionate about leading teams in creating innovative AI-driven solutions, bringing strategic vision and technical expertise to drive business growth. My journey includes leadership in projects that transformed processes and resulted in efficient solutions, leveraging technology to achieve business objectives. My commitment to empowering teams and exploring the potential of AI drives the development of advanced solutions that positively impact business outcomes."

Contact: 4dcoin@4dcoin.us