Legal Disclaimer

⚠️ Before purchasing, read the Disclaimer below.

Legal Disclaimer for Investors:

This document aims to provide relevant information to potential investors of 4D Coin. It is of utmost importance that every investor understands the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments, especially in the case of 4D Coin, due to its highly volatile and unpredictable nature.

Market Risk and Lack of Control:

4D Coin is traded in a highly volatile and speculative market. The developers of 4D Coin do not have direct control over market fluctuations. Despite all efforts to manage the platform, there are no guarantees or control over market movements. Volatility is an intrinsic characteristic of cryptocurrencies, and investors should be aware of the associated risks.

Renounced Contract and Control Limitations:

The contract related to 4D Coin has been renounced, meaning developers do not exert direct influence over market operations and movements. While measures are taken to manage the platform, there is no control over market fluctuations, which are beyond the scope and responsibility of the developers.

Investor Responsibility:

We emphasize that every investment in cryptocurrencies, including 4D Coin, carries a high level of risk. Investors are entirely responsible for their investment decisions. The developers of 4D Coin do not commit to or guarantee the preservation or growth of invested capital. Each investor is responsible for assessing, understanding, and assuming the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency investment.

Absence of Guarantees and Capital Losses:

It is vital that all investors understand and accept that investing in 4D Coin involves considerable risks. The absence of guarantees for the return of invested capital is an inherent reality in the cryptocurrency market. As such, 4D Coin does not hold responsibility for any capital losses investors may incur during their transactions.


By acquiring 4D Coin, the investor acknowledges and agrees that all investment made is their responsibility. We emphasize that, before investing, it is essential to seek financial advice and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

This legal disclaimer aims to ensure that all investors are fully aware of and understand the risks involved before making any investment decisions. The purchase of 4D Coin implies acceptance and full understanding of these legal conditions and implications.